Content Creator, Streamer, Marketeer

Mark "Valkia" Purdy is a UK based online personality, content creator, Twitch Streamer and marketeer with a global following of more than 300,000 followers on Twitch and 75,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Valkia has over two decades of gaming experience, particularly with first-person shooters, but also loves adventure games, with The Legend of Zelda being one of his favourite games of all time.

Valkia worked in the IT Industry at Overclockers UK as a graphic designer and marketing manager for 6 years before moving into full time content creation, working closely with top brands including Twitch, Spotify, Vodafone and 20th Century Fox to influence and promote products and intiatives to his large audience of gamers. As the gaming industry is quickly becoming the most lucrative for businesses, promotion through content creators is a strong form of marketing for endemic and non-endemic brands.

Listed below are a few previous clients Valkia has worked with on activations and consultations:

Clients - HyperX, Blizzard, NVIDIA, Overclockers UK, Noblechairs, Twitch, Vodafone, Omen, Duracell, 20th Century Fox, Spotify, Pringles, Macmillian Cancer Support, Lionsgate, Subway, Alzheimers Research UK, Belong Arena, Statespace Labs, NordVPN, Royal Airforce