Earn Overwatch Ashe's Mardi Gras Challenge event Twitch Spray Drops here!

Valkia - UK Twitch Partner Streamer
February 25, 2020

How do I earn the Overwatch Mardi Gras Twitch Drops from Valkia?

Ashe's Mardi Grag Challenge Twitch Drops
Ashe's Mardi Grag Challenge Twitch Drops

You can earn the sprays over at my channel Valkia - if you come from this Blog, let me know in my chat!

As an established Overwatch streamer, I'm no stranger in taking part during the Overwatch Twitch drops events. I've previously provided for the D.VA Nano Cola and Bastion Bricks event promotion. allowing my audience to unlock the sprays during the event. You can also win games for yourself to unlock the new Mardi Gras Ashe skin!

To earn the Twitch drops, firstly you'll need to link your Battle.net account with your Twitch account. You an do this in your Twitch Settings here

This allows your Battle.net account to know that you're watching one of the streams allowing you to earn the drops.

Twitch settings showing a connected Battle.net account

What Twitch Drops can I earn?

During the Ashe Mardi Gras Overwatch Twitch Drops event, you can earn 6 unique sprays from my stream. To unlock all the 6 sprays, you need to accumulate a total of 6 hours of viewing. You don't need to watch all at once, if you want to spread the hours over the period of the drops promotion. You can see the cute artwork for the unlockable Ashe Mardi Gras in-game sprays below

  • 2 Hours - 1x Spray | Wrecking Ball Hammond Spray
  • 4 Hours - 2x Sprays | Torbjorn & Brigitte + Zenyatta Spray
  • 6 Hours - 3x Sprays | McCree, Reaper + Lucio Spray
No items found.

How long are the drops running for?

The Overwatch Mardi Gras Twitch drops will be available from February 25th - March 9th

What will you be playing?

I'll be grinding SR in competitive along with testing out the new Overwatch dev experimental update including 3-2-1

How can you support me?

If you enjoy my content, you can subscribe to my Twitch channel. There are multiple ways of doing this, including a free version with Twitch Prime - subscriptions help me continue doing what I do! Even if you can't sub, I still appreciate having you guys on the stream. I've included 4 Mardi Gras emotes for my channel which you guys can use when you subscribe! You can see these below


Unlock the Mardi Gras emotes using prime on my channel!

Thanks to my sponsors Aim Lab, HyperX & PC Specialist